IEC Georgia Contractor, Robbie Jones of Coastal Electric matches $4,000 GIFT Donation

May 3, 10AM



What You Need To Know

IEC Atlanta/ GA chapters is elated that Georgia contractor member, Robbie Jones of Coastal Electric of Georgia has matched donations for IEC’s Installer Program in the amount of $4,000.  This extremely generous donation is directed towards “Special Needs Programs” that cater to at risk youth.  Youth that are vulnerable to dropping out and finding a less appealing path.  Donations towards programs to support this cause help to give them options.  Thanks to donors like Robbie Jones, programs can help provide alternative choices. 

IEC is proud that the Skills Based Installer program is a program that provides an opportunity to begin a potential electrical career by teaching the basics and helping contractors to see their potential.  IEC’s GIFT program is growing and has already funded multiple new workers and now with this donation GIFT can do much more!  Click here for an opportunity to give to IEC’s GIFT Foundation.  If you are interested in enrolling someone in the Installers Program, register here to find their electrical career path!

Thank you Robbie Jones of Coastal Electric of Georgia for not just caring, but for also doing! 

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