New construction technology releases for fall 2022

July 1 11 AM



What You Need To Know

Here are five recent announcements from software makers and other tech providers about new products or updates to existing products that are designed to smooth out construction for contractors:

Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems has announced the launch of the Leica iCON site excavator application, which uses machine guidance to help excavators carry out work easily and accurately, the company said.

The new product makes use of three new components: a new dual GNSS receiver and optional communication device, which are designed specifically for compact machines, and a new software application. The iCON site excavator application is available as stand-alone software or as an add-on within the existing iCON site platform. 

When used as an add-on, it enables a new workflow for on- and off-machine tasks, empowering construction workers to execute a variety of jobs leveraging the same tools, the company said.


Released in September, the HP SitePrint robot consists of an autonomous robotic device designed to operate in tough jobsite conditions. Light and compact, its cloud-based tools are used to submit and prepare jobs to be printed.

The system can print complex construction site layouts with pinpoint accuracy, improving a contractor’s productivity by as much as 10 times, the company said. 

It comes with a portfolio of inks for different surfaces, environmental conditions and durability requirements. Through over 80 pilot projects globally, HP SitePrint has been rigorously tested across multiple environments including residential, parking, airport and hospital projects, the firm said.


InEight’s new releases, announced last month, include updated process standardizations across scope, design and resource management, as well as new progress tracking features and the ability to create benchmark-validated estimates and schedules. 

The updates will help InEight’s mobile app to give workers immediate access to real-time information, whether in the office or field. The updates will improve project visibility, and create new opportunities for efficiencies while elevating team performance including for design build and alternative delivery projects, the firm said.

The changes provide increased real-time visibility of evolving design quantities and delivery dates, and enable easier progress tracking, the company said.


Software provider Quickbase has announced a new partnership with Procore to provide users with a no-code toolkit to create unique, real-time applications within Procore products without the need of a professional developer.

The toolkit will help organizations mitigate cost and risk by connecting siloed data from ERP and CRM systems, capturing project-specific data points and creating customized solutions, the company said. Users can also quickly create targeted status reports across systems to meet the needs of all team members, both in the office and the field.

The new partnership includes a bi-directional integration between Quickbase and Procore – one of the few no-code vendors in the Procore marketplace – giving organizations full insight into every element of their project portfolio across systems. 


Software developer Bluebeam has released Bluebeam Cloud, a new suite of mobile and browser-based products available as part of new subscription plans.

The product features a flexible markup editor for marking up, commenting and collaborating on project documents, and field tools for the management and tracking of punch, RFI and submittal workflows. These browser and app-based mobile products work with existing Bluebeam markups, tool sets and documents, allowing project data to remain accessible to team members in the office and on the jobsite, the company said.

Designed specifically to address the needs of hybrid workplaces, Bluebeam Cloud and Bluebeam’s markup editor Revu are being bundled and offered together as subscription plans for the first time. All subscribers will also receive unlimited data storage, on-demand training resources and live global technical support.

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