Electrical Contracting

State of Pay

June 1, 10AM


As it Stands

The Current Rates

The electrical industry, as with all trade industries, continues to address the nationwide problem of not enough apprentices and young electricians joining the field to replace an experienced and aging workforce. The industry average within the southeast is approximately $46,406. The average range in this region is from $37,022 to $48,980 with the average annual salary being $46,406. The total compensation, which includes bonus, health and retirement, can vary depending on multiple factors.

While this is not far off from the national average of $48,577 Рit does help to highlight that a healthy lifestyle and living can be achieved through the electrical trade. While the current industry is in a draught due to an aging  workforce and struggling recruitment Рthese numbers can help secure a younger generation in search of work and financial freedom as well as highlight the possibilities the electrical trade has to offer.

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