119 Bull Street

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Savannah, GA

119 Bull Street

119 Bull Street is a split use residential and retail space. Built in 1907, the building sits directly across from historic Wright Square and housed the likes of historic Levy Jewelers for decades and Debbie’s Diner famously known from the film Forest Gump. The project consisted of 25,000 renovated square feet with an additional 6,871 square feet due to added 4th floor lofts. Moreover, this project was a historic building falling beneath the purview of the Downtown Historical Society and its guidelines which mirror those of the Secretary of the Interiors on restoring and renovation. To complete this project demoing the existing building interiors and some walls, renovating the existing structure and adding and additional 4th floor per the aforementioned guidelines were all required while leaving the CVS next door undisturbed for the project entirety.